The Most Appropriate Natural Juices When You Work Out

This is going to be a short article! Try to drink those natural juices before and after your work out to feel the effect through your body!

 Beetroot juices – for hardiness - increase the nitrates in the blood and reduce the amount of: phosphocreatine (increasing the amount of oxygen) and adenosine triphosphate. It is also rich in vitamin A, Vitamin B, vitamin C and minerals like calcium, iron, sulfur and phosphorus. 

 Sour cherry juice - against swelling and inflammation after exercise

 Black currant juice - reduces muscle strain. There is high content of vitamin C (antioxidant), potassium and GLA (rare Omega-6 essential fatty acid)

 Pickles juice – reduces the muscle cramps by restoring to normal the electrolytes and salt levels

 Studies show that after you drink the juice, it is observed that the levels of oxidative stress and injuries in the muscles are reduced.

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