How To Properly Use Cardio To Burn Body Fat

Everybody does know about cardio. Some people know what it is, but some people think that they know but in fact they DON’T. Cardio or cardio exercises are well known for that they are responsible for losing body fat. If you want to lose fat quickly you can’t ignore the cardio. Interesting fact is that the word cardio means – heart.

Those exercises are making your heart to work harder. Your blood circulate faster and you body temperature is rising and you are going to lose fat. Yes but you it won’t start right now first your body will burn the energy form the food you ate, than the body is going to burn the fat and to gain energy for your exercises.

The best time to do cardio is in the morning on an empty stomach.

There are different types of cardio – cardio could be your working day (physical work), when the kids are playing on the yard, sprinting, jogging, combination of exercises that will lose fat and gain muscles at the same time and etc. When you do cardio your metabolism continues to work at high levels for several days after your work out. The essential here is that you have to do the exercises until you are exhausted. This will ensure that when you sleep and when you go to work your body continue to burn fat. You have to shock your body in way that it will need days to come back to normal rhythm.

You have to be careful, don not eat more calories than you burn, because many people do cardio without to strain and after that they eat one big meal. The result is – zero! Even worse they could gain weight instead of losing fat.

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