Tips for Losing Weight on Your Arms

A popular problem among women is that they have excess weight in the arms. I bet you have seen or you have this problem. You lift you hands and when you shake them they joggle like jelly. The problem with excess body weight is not bothering you but you can’t swallow the problem with your arms.

If you are girl, woman or even man with this kind of problem I hope that my quick tips will help you.

 You have to train your arms. A couple of exercises will help you. My advice is to concentrate on your triceps. This muscle is 2/3 of your arm muscles and it is bigger then your biceps. Actually you have to train both your biceps and triceps but you have to put more effort in training you triceps. When you start you arms exercises you have to begin with the triceps. At the beginning of your training you have more power and this will allow you to use more energy for the triceps exercises.

 If you are sitting all day in front of the computer or your work is in the office where you don’t have so much movement - you have to change that.

 The best way for 

you is to make quick arms stretching every hour or two, but if you have the opportunity you can tray to make stretching for you hole body. Don’t think about that like you have to stand up and start doing some silly exercises, just lift your hands and stretch them, make quick free stretching - left, right, up and down just enough to feel that your tiredness is gone.

Another thing is to move your chest forward and try to move back your arms and shoulders while you are sitting.

Those simple and fast exercises will allow your blood to circulate properly.I hope I helped you.

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