Here are 10 Tips for Low-Fat Shopping that will simplifying the process of choosing what to put into your shopping trolley -

I bet you always wonder what to buy when you are in the grocery. You need to lose fat quickly but you are not exactly sure what food you are allowed to eat. I hope this short list will help you for now:

  1. Fill your shopping trolley with fruit and vegetables first.
  2. Buy low-fat milk, yoghurt, cottage cheese and hard cheeses.
  3. Don't buy spreads (high in fat and sugar) - if you don't have them then you will not be tempted to eat them.
  4. Spend more time in the supermarket aisle with the pasta, rice, couscous and other grains and less time in the biscuit, confectionery and cake aisle.
  5. Buy tuna and other canned fish in water or brine rather than oil.
  6. Plan your meals around one or two main vegetables and let the meat portion fit in around them.
  7. Buy lots of interesting breads such as rolls, flatbreads, loaves, grainy-bread, wholemeal breads, rye breads, etc.
  8. Buy raisin bread instead of biscuits, crackers and cakes.
  9. If you need pastry, buy filo and brush with a minimum of oil.
  10. Read the label as manufacturers now say how much fat is in the food item. Ingredients must be listed in accordance to the proportion in which they are used. If there is any type of fat at the top of the list then be aware that this particular product is high in fats. If fat or oil is near the bottom of the list then the quantity is probably not worth worrying about.


How To Simplify Shopping for Low-Fat Foods?





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