How to lose body fat over the age of forty

Today we live longer, we work harder and of course we want to look good as long as possible. There are a lot of women that are over the age of forty and they want tolook sexy and healthy. We all can understand that because there are many famous women over 40 that are still among the most wanted women in the world– Julia Roberts, Demi Moore etc.

 Here are few simple tips for those women to feel sexier. You have to eat 5-6 small meals to increase your metabolism. Sweet foots and simple carbohydrates are not appropriate for your meals.

 Exercises – you have to do some light exercise, cardio exercises, brisk walking and even you can try Yoga or Pilates. The choice is yours; find what training program suits best for you. Make the exercises at least tree or four days a week for 30-40 minuets and you are ready for success.

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